Witch Bitch Collection Vol. 3

Witch Bitch Collection Vol. 3 fairytail hentaimangaly.com

We have so much xxx packed action in this extraordinary Fairy Tail hentai with Lucy Heartfilia and Yukino Aguria. Well, Lucy is obviously set as the main character for this adult Doujinshi, but Yukino also has her magnificent part.

Here is a little spoiler, so to say as a warm up…

“Oh dear, I believe I’m about to cum too. Now just to make sure where did you want me to cum again, Lucy-chan my dear? Don’t worry, just go ahead and shout it out loud.

In my pussy! Do it in my pussy! Fire a whole bunch of your thick cum straight into me!

Very well! Then here comes an extra big creampie!!!”

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Fairy Bitch Lucy [Full Color]

Fairy Bitch Lucy [Full Color] fairy tail hentai porn pictures

“It’s Mirajane vs. Jenny vs. Erza in a special rule overtime match! Now a wonderful sight is right before our eyes. Mirajane, Jenny and Erza’s plump butts are bouncing up and down furiously! The deciding theme is ‘sex’, a free for all battle between the teams. The tension’s heating up as the match enters overtime. We shall see who will be the first to be bewitched by the sex they’re having. He came! But did all 3 cum at the same time? Determining the winner is too difficult. The decision shall be given to Fairy Tail’s stellar spirit mage, Lucy Heartfilia to make. B88, W59, H88 what a nice body. She must entrance the audience with sex and make her man cum… Will she be able to secure victory for her team?”

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Fairy Tail Witch Bitch Collection Vol.1

Fairy Tail Witch Bitch Collection Vol.1 lucy porn sex pictures

Fairy Tail Witch Bitch Collection is another masterpiece by “Tamagoro” the mangaka artist who created this beautiful xxx porn manga. I really hope we will see Vol. 2 soon, but at this point I can’t promise anything.

“I have brought a wonderful guest over here today. It’s the Mage from the famous “Fairy Tail”. It’s Lucy Heartfilia-chan! NO, unhand me! Please unhand me! Wow- so cute. And look at that. Wow, amazing tits! They really look like some cow tits!”

Lucy hasn’t been called the number #1 cowgirl in Magnolia, without a reason. Though, I’m sure Erza Scarlet could compete with here regarding breast size 😉

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Fairy Tail Yousei Joou

Fairy Tail Yousei Joou porn sex gallery hentai pics

Erza Scarlet (the pride of Fairy Tail guild) asks her master why she is dressed in this lewd combination of top bikini for her big tits and a maid custome for her lower body? The answer is pretty easy, since they keep breaking things somebody has to pay the bill. So therefor the guild’s debt has skyrocketed and so Natsu is working at the mine, Gray is working at the port and Lucy is working at the inn. That’s why the master expect Erza also to do her “part”

Once the Fairy Tail slut realizes what she is supposed to do here, she tries to escape, however nobody told her that master Makarov already put something in her drink to make Erza a mere sex puppet.

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Fairy Tail Automatic Sperming Machine Vol. 2

Fairy Tail Automatic Sperming Machine Vol. 2 porn hentai pics

“As I thought, Erza’s blowjob is beyond good… It’s amazing! It’s no good, I can’t hold it, I’m cumming already! Amazing… she’s going to make a 100 men cum in no time! Entry number 4 needs no introduction, our Titania, Erza Scarlet. My special skill is sucking a hundred men! No one can escape my sword!”

Like you should have realized by now, the second part of Fairy Tail Automatic Sperming Machine Vol. 2 is also about oral sex performed by our lovely Erza.

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Fairy Tail Automatic Sperming Machine Vol. 1

Fairy Tail Automatic Sperming Machine Vol. 1

This is a true dick sucking hentai manga marathon. Erza claims this is some kind of punishment for Natsu, because he has broken so many internal guild rules, but I’m not so sure about that. Yes indeed she wants to suck out every drop of cum out of the Fairy Tail protagonist, yet I don’t see what’s wrong with that 😛

“Come on, stick out your waist farther. Even if you draw back, you can’t get away. It’s all over for you. I’ll wring out all the semen clogged up in here. *Slurp* Don’t disappoint me and concentrate at making more semen. The one holding your balls is me. You’d better do what I say. Keep cumming until I’ve got a bellyful. *Squeeze* I guess I better clean you up first so you won’t try to pass old cum off as new. I’ll clean the inside too! Don’t close your “straw” I will suck it all out. Your… bbbhh!.. semen! It’s as hot as ever…”

To me this sounds like Erza is enjoying it a little too much 🙂

There are actually two stories in this hentai manga. The second it about Lucy, Cana and Juvia, just that Gray’s waifu has a huge dick! Futanari xxx action!

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[PURPLE HAZE] Fairy Tail EroCos Vol. 39

[PURPLE HAZE] Fairy Tail EroCos Vol. 39 porn hentai pictures

“Oh, Erza’s tits are so soft as always and they are so firm. Do they put out milk? Wha..!? As if they could do that. Hey don’t squeeze them so hard! Then let’s test them out and see. I said they didn’t give any milk, didn’t I? Your horny switch hasn’t changed… see how hard your nipples have gotten? Sh… Shut up!

Isn’t she cute our little Fairy Tail princess. Well one way or another she is ready for another ride on a big dick and she can put up her Tsundere act as much as she want, Erza simply loves these creampies.

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[PURPLE HAZE] Fairy Tail EroCos Vol. 33

[PURPLE HAZE] Fairy Tail EroCos Vol. 33 porn pictures

“Weekly sorcerer adult edition. The sex pictures featuring pretty young female mages are its greatest selling point! The model this time is the up-and-coming stellar spirit mage Lucy Heartfilia-chan. From the top, she’s 90,59,99 a totally stunning body. We fucked her in this cute star patterned bikini!”

No 90,59,99 are not the coordinates to where you could find sexy Lucy, rather it’s her body measures 😉

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[PURPLE HAZE] Fairy Tail EroCos Vol. 31

[PURPLE HAZE] Fairy Tail EroCos Vol. 31 porn hentai gallery

This is 1 out of 3 currently publicized “PURPLE HAZE” hentai porn mangas, related to the famous Japanese anime series Fairy Tail. Two are with Erza and one is with Lucy. I hope there will be more updates in the future so I can share it with you guys. For now enjoy this super hot Erza xxx comic. Damn, is that bikini sexy or not!!

“You’ve got such great tits Erza-san. The ‘Legendary Swimsuit’ really suits this naughty body. Wait, my heart still isn’t prepared. Could the Fairy Queen be feeling nervous about this? As if I would feel nervous..! Hey don’t rub that against me! Where are you touching…!? Where, of course it’s Erza-san’s perverted pussy, right? Surely you have masturbated before, haven’t you? What are you asking idiot

You simply have to love these kind of hentai manga conversations haha.

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Fairy Bitch Lucy

Fairy Bitch Lucy fairy tail hentai porn sluts

Before I start talking about this hentai manga in particular, I wanted to mention that we also share a full color version of Fairy Bitch Lucy on our site.

Except for the coloring, there is no real difference between the two versions. Some prefer it white/black (standard manga style), others love the colors while watching their anime heroes getting banged. The plot stays the same and so do the hot sex scenes with Lucy as the main porn actress in this doujinshi and Erza and Mirajane as the secondary role characters (only present on 1-2 pages).

“Reviving the man with a kiss and a handjob. It’s finally the fun part! Okay, you are recovered, now give this mouth your cum next (Lucy says this while pointing at her pussy).”

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Double Lucy (Fairy Tail)

Double Lucy (Fairy Tail) hentai porn pictures

Two hot Lucy’s means also double sexy time! What happens if the badass Lucy from the other dimension asks her “twin” to use Gemini and create a Natsu double? Well obviously she is going to ask that the double has all the manly parts like the original Natsu. Soon the Lucy from earth realizes what is going on, yet she is not able to stop her counterpart from giving Natsu a blowjob. Actually she is not even able to stop herself from getting horny while watching Natsu fucking her twin sister.

“The tip is already in, just a bit more… You look like you are feeling really good. How is it? Having Natsu thrusting inside of you? You are cumming pretty hard! His semen is gushing inside you! He had let out so much earlier, yet what an amount… The semen from inside keeps on flowing out. Well then… you can keep going? It’s my turn next. Hurry up and put it in please! So deep… it’s all the way in! Your dick is pounding against my pussy!”

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Fairy Tail 365.5.1 The End of Titania

Fairy Tail 365.5.1 The End of Titania porn hentai pictures

“Looks like you really don’t know where Jellal is. You are still this stubborn, Fu Fu? I want to know whether your nickname “the unbeatable Titania” suits you. If you keep quiet like this, then let me have some fun with you! I can make you suffer, cry or comfort easy. I’ve told you that my magic can change human’s feeling. What will you do with me? What do you mean!? I will make you admit my victory! I’m not going to surrender to the guild of darkness!” —> Erza has always been strong minded, but that’s exactly what we love about her.

What Erza doesn’t know is that KyĂ´ka ‘the female sadist demon’, can control every of Erza’s suffering with her demon magic. That also includes feelings of pleasure, which can also be enhanced by x1000. But what does this mean for our porn queen Erza? That you have to see for yourself 😉

The drawing style isn’t anything unique, but still very hot and sexy. The lines are just how I love them, clear and powerful in their expression to show us Erza’s hentai world. Btw did I mention that Gray’s father Silver, will have the honor to fuck Erza in this hentai manga? Well now you know it…

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Moshimo Teki na Are (Fairy Tail)

Moshimo Teki na Are (Fairy Tail) hentai porn pictures

I must say I’m quite surprised about the small amount of Jellal/Erza hentai manga porn available on the Internet. There are sure a lot of random pictures with those two, but not many doujinshi stories about this famous anime couple.

Well, I’m proud to present you one of those rare high quality Fairy Tail xxx manga with Jellal and Erza as the main couple.

“Wait now!? The inside of my head is blanking out. What…? You’re putting that in me!? There is no way something like that can go in me. What is this. Jella’s penis is piercing me! My body… This is sex!
Are you okay, Erza? This is nothing… I’m not some weakling who can’t endure this! Hurry up and move!”

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Lucy & Virgo Daikatsuyaku!

Lucy & Virgo Daikatsuyaku! fairy tail porn pics

“Princess, does it feel good? It feels great Virgo! Do it harder! You want it this way? That’s right, good. This feels good. Hime (princess), when are you going to confess your love to our irresponsible Natsu-sama? If it were that easy I would have done it already! Mistress, you are a coward. What did you say…!! Will you punish me? Good i’m almost there (that is the moment when Natsu comes into Lucy’s room through the window).”

That’s pretty much the beginning of our story, that will eventually lead to a hot threesome between Natsu, Lucy and Virgo. I’m pretty surprised that Natsu still had the power for a threesome, considering that he and Gray were used by Erza as her sex toys. Well, shows you who really is the boss behind the shadows of Fairy Tail.

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Fairy Tail Chichikko Bitch 5

Fairy Tail Chichikko Bitch 5 porn anime pictures

Welcome to part 5 of the already legendary ‘Fairy Tail Chichikko Bitch’ hentai series. Not much has changed, since the last sequence. Lucy is still working as a prostitute and I must say she really seems to be into this whole hooker “thing”. Recently she can’t even get enough of those creampies she receives everyday. What a naughty girl she has become. Wait, let me correct that. What a naughty girl with huge natural tits she has become. Now it’s better 😉

The quality of the drawings is again like in the previous sequences top notch, and this volume is again filled with tons of sex scenes. It’s truly a dream for every Fairy Tail lover and also for your average hentai manga fan!

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Fairy Tail Chichikko Bitch 4

Fairy Tail Chichikko Bitch 4 fairy tail hentai porn manga pictures

“Oh my what happened? I failed my assignment again, and I got compensation bill to pay. If this goes on, I won’t be able to pay this month and next month’s rent. Isn’t there any good work for me. Well, if that’s the case you can leave it to this Mirajane here!”

Hmm, what kind of job could Mirajane have for Lucy that will bring her a lot of money just in one day!? After Lucy has arrived at the “filming spot”, she starts asking this question to herself as well.

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Fairy Slave [Tsurikichi Doumei] C77

Fairy Slave [Tsurikichi Doumei] C77 fairy tail hentai porn pictures

The master of the Fairy Tail guild sends his proud female warrior Erza to a mysterious cave. Erza usually wouldn’t take this kind of request if its wouldn’t come directly from the master.

“Looks like the drug is beginning to take effect. Her juices are really starting to flow. It… it feels so good! If I let up for even an instant, I know I’ll cum… but I need to hold on. It’s all over for you Erza, let’s just enjoy our time together. No matter how much you resist, that won’t stop the drug from running it’s course. Wh… What is this? My entire body is so sensitive. It doesn’t even feel like it’s my own body. It’s too much, if they start fucking me like this, I will cum in no time!”

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Tsuyu-Daku FT-Nyan×Nyan! Arcana Club

Tsuyu-Daku FT-Nyan×Nyan! Arcana Club fairy tail porn pics

For admitting that this is her first tit fuck, she is doing way too good. So my guess is that blondie is feeding us a line and usually I’m not wrong when it comes down to these things.

“You thought I was more of a bitch? You’re surprised at how pure I am, right? But I might be a bitch after all. After all… right now, if I clench my clit and pussy lips I feel like cumming… Your dick is about to cum as well? So my virgin tit-fuck is that good! Thank goodness.. I’m glad! Eh… you want my pussy when i’m about to cum in front of your face? Um… what should I do!? Okay! But it’s a special just for this time!”

And this is only the beginning of slutty Lucy’s sex journey with Natsu.

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Lucy+ (Fairy Tail) GUST

Lucy+ (Fairy Tail) GUST porn pictures

Lucy was taken away by some guys she doesn’t seem to know. She tells them that if they do anything to her, Natsu and the whole Fairy Tail guild would come and destroy them. However, all this threatening doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on these guys. Rather, they are very confident in their plan to seduce hot Lucy.

After giving her some weird substance Lucy turns extremely horny and she can’t wait for a dick to be put inside her pussy. She sucks these guys completely dry and after a solid amount of sucking and fucking she decides to use Gemini so there would be 2 Lucy’s who can be part of the sex orgy. Obviously the guys are very excited about the second Fairy Tail bitch joining the xxx hentai party.

The whole Doujinshi is in full color and with some additional sex pictures of Erza, Mirajane, Juvia at the end.

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FAIRY SLAVE II (Shiomi Yuusuke)

FAIRY SLAVE II (Shiomi Yuusuke) fairy tail porn pics

Second part of the fairy slave hentai manga series. In the first story we have seen Erza being transformed into a sex slave with some help of Fairy Tail guild master Makarov. Now Lucy is his second target for becoming a sex slave and all this just so he could gain some additional money for the guild  (after all they break a lot of expensive things inside the guild…).

“I never knew that cocks, were such great things. I can’t exist without this already. There is no woman who could win against such  an incredible thing! So stiff and hard thrusting up through me. Hey! I’m gonna give you a huge load of my seed. Sure! Let it out just like that! Feels so good! Even though he is doing such an evil act, I just can’t stop moving my hips!”

I would say Makarov has completed his mission, and he is on a good way to become the best PIMP in Fairy Tail!

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