Double Lucy (Fairy Tail)

Double Lucy (Fairy Tail) hentai porn pictures

Two hot Lucy’s means also double sexy time! What happens if the badass Lucy from the other dimension asks her “twin” to use Gemini and create a Natsu double? Well obviously she is going to ask that the double hasĀ all the manly parts like the original Natsu. Soon the Lucy from earth realizes what is going on, yet she is not able to stop herĀ counterpart from giving Natsu a blowjob. Actually she is not even able to stop herself from getting horny while watching Natsu fucking her twin sister.

“The tip is already in, just a bit more… You look like you are feeling really good. How is it? Having Natsu thrusting inside of you? You are cumming pretty hard! His semen is gushing inside you! He had let out so much earlier, yet what an amount… The semen from inside keeps on flowing out. Well then… you can keep going? It’s my turn next. Hurry up and put it in please! So deep… it’s all the way in! Your dick is pounding against my pussy!”

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