FAIRY SLAVE II (Shiomi Yuusuke)

FAIRY SLAVE II (Shiomi Yuusuke) fairy tail porn pics

Second part of the fairy slave hentai manga series. In the first story we have seen Erza being transformed into a sex slave with some help of Fairy Tail guild master Makarov. Now Lucy is his second target for becoming a sex slave and all this just so he could gain some additional money for the guild  (after all they break a lot of expensive things inside the guild…).

“I never knew that cocks, were such great things. I can’t exist without this already. There is no woman who could win against such  an incredible thing! So stiff and hard thrusting up through me. Hey! I’m gonna give you a huge load of my seed. Sure! Let it out just like that! Feels so good! Even though he is doing such an evil act, I just can’t stop moving my hips!”

I would say Makarov has completed his mission, and he is on a good way to become the best PIMP in Fairy Tail!

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