Fairy Tail Automatic Sperming Machine Vol. 1

Fairy Tail Automatic Sperming Machine Vol. 1

This is a true dick sucking hentai manga marathon. Erza claims this is some kind of punishment for Natsu, because he has broken so many internal guild rules, but I’m not so sure about that. Yes indeed she wants to suck out every drop of cum out of the Fairy Tail protagonist, yet I don’t see what’s wrong with that 😛

“Come on, stick out your waist farther. Even if you draw back, you can’t get away. It’s all over for you. I’ll wring out all the semen clogged up in here. *Slurp* Don’t disappoint me and concentrate at making more semen. The one holding your balls is me. You’d better do what I say. Keep cumming until I’ve got a bellyful. *Squeeze* I guess I better clean you up first so you won’t try to pass old cum off as new. I’ll clean the inside too! Don’t close your “straw” I will suck it all out. Your… bbbhh!.. semen! It’s as hot as ever…”

To me this sounds like Erza is enjoying it a little too much 🙂

There are actually two stories in this hentai manga. The second it about Lucy, Cana and Juvia, just that Gray’s waifu has a huge dick! Futanari xxx action!

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