Lucy+ (Fairy Tail) GUST

Lucy+ (Fairy Tail) GUST porn pictures

Lucy was taken away by some guys she doesn’t seem to know. She tells them that if they do anything to her, Natsu and the whole Fairy Tail guild would come and destroy them. However, all this threatening doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on these guys. Rather, they are very confident in their plan to seduce hot Lucy.

After giving her some weird substance Lucy turns extremely horny and she can’t wait for a dick to be put inside her pussy. She sucks these guys completely dry and after a solid amount of sucking and fucking she decides to use Gemini so there would be 2 Lucy’s who can be part of the sex orgy. Obviously the guys are very excited about the second Fairy Tail bitch joining the xxx hentai party.

The whole Doujinshi is in full color and with some additional sex pictures of Erza, Mirajane, Juvia at the end.

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