Lucy & Virgo Daikatsuyaku!

Lucy & Virgo Daikatsuyaku! fairy tail porn pics

“Princess, does it feel good? It feels great Virgo! Do it harder! You want it this way? That’s right, good. This feels good. Hime (princess), when are you going to confess your love to our irresponsible Natsu-sama? If it were that easy I would have done it already! Mistress, you are a coward. What did you say…!! Will you punish me? Good i’m almost there (that is the moment when Natsu comes into Lucy’s room through the window).”

That’s pretty much the beginning of our story, that will eventually lead to a hot threesome between Natsu, Lucy and Virgo. I’m pretty surprised that Natsu still had the power for a threesome, considering that he and Gray were used by Erza as her sex toys. Well, shows you who really is the boss behind the shadows of Fairy Tail.

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