[PURPLE HAZE] Fairy Tail EroCos Vol. 31

[PURPLE HAZE] Fairy Tail EroCos Vol. 31 porn hentai gallery

This is 1 out of 3 currently publicized “PURPLE HAZE” hentai porn mangas, related to the famous Japanese anime series Fairy Tail. Two are with Erza and one is with Lucy. I hope there will be more updates in the future so I can share it with you guys. For now enjoy this super hot Erza xxx comic. Damn, is that bikini sexy or not!!

“You’ve got such great tits Erza-san. The ‘Legendary Swimsuit’ really suits this naughty body. Wait, my heart still isn’t prepared. Could the Fairy Queen be feeling nervous about this? As if I would feel nervous..! Hey don’t rub that against me! Where are you touching…!? Where, of course it’s Erza-san’s perverted pussy, right? Surely you have masturbated before, haven’t you? What are you asking idiot

You simply have to love these kind of hentai manga conversations haha.

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